Transat rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Babymoov transat

Baby's equipment:

Confortable transat with fixed position or swing reclining backrest in several positions. 

Play mat rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Tiny love play mat

Confortable play mat for your baby to play, touch and observe. 

Books stories rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Books (package of three)

Lot of three specially selected stories according to the age of your child. 

Baby skis rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Baby skis

Ideal to discover the first sensations of glide  while having fun !

Toys Board games Rental Tige Val d'Isère
Toys or boardgames (package of two)

Lot of two toys or board games specially selected according to the age of your child.